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Why choose us?

As We Automate the PROCESS, You Automate the PROFITS!

.. because deriving meaningful value from unstructured documents is where we excel. Unstructured data has been the real challenge in the digital transformation. You have a wealth of valuable content, but no idea how to extract insights out of it. Such data holds tremendous untapped value and it continues to grow as your organization grows.

KlearStack’s artificial intelligence automates the capture of invoices and your free-form expense reports, so that your payables are paid faster, with fewer exceptions and lower cost. KlearStack performs template-less invoice extraction, thus removes the drudgery of manual entry from unstructured documents. Say NO to templates and Regex rules!

How does our AI extracts data ?

Our Differentiators

What's Unique in KlearStack?

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Intelligent Data Extraction of Significant Fields

KlearStack AI uses machine learning to easily identify the significant fields from the finance documents.
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Transcend beyond OCR

Much More Advanced than an OCR Template. It intelligently extracts the document fields during automated invoice processing.
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Adaptive Deep Learning Models

Even if the invoice layout changes, Machine Learning models handle the data extraction smoothly.
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Quick Set-up

Negligible setup time and cost. Go-live in less than 7 days!
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Template - Independant Extraction

It is templateless extraction! Save hundreds of person-days that are spent in custom template designing.
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On -Premise Option

Automated Invoice Processing software can also be deployed On-Premise.
Why are We Different?

We Process Your Supplier Invoices end-to-end, without Defining any Templates!

When we say NO TEMPLATES, we mean it! WE believe in freeing teams from manual drudgery for higher value tasks. KlearStack AI deploys adaptive deep learning models, that are highly intelligent and dont require any template co-ordinates upfront.


Increased Productivity


Reduced Set-up cost


Reduced Cash Outflow

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Reduced Turnaround Time
Excited to watch how our AI performs template-less data extraction ?

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