Digitize and Automate
Critical Financial Document Processing

Automate data extraction and processing of KYC documents, financial statements and more completely with KlearStack AI.

Banks & financial firms have tons of paper to deal with and digitize those documents. Leverage KlearStack’s self-learning AI solutions powered with intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to ensure complete digitization and automation of documentation processing for all types of documents.

Unlimited Possibilities

Enable Paper-less banking operations leveraging AI driven OCR & IDP

Retail Banking

Consumer banking services deal with KYC related documents, financial statements, apart from cheque deposits & withdrawals and various other processes. KlearStack AI not only helps in digitizing such documents but also helps in automating the entire process and archiving the documents on the cloud. Various departments within the bank can access the documents with ease and therefore, overall process time speeds up.

Commercial Banking

Project financing and commercial loans for infrastructure projects require a lot of document work. Opening bank accounts for an entire organization’s employees too is a hectic task with a lot of paperwork. KYC documents, bank statements, invoices and receipts and various such documents for commercial banks can be easily digitized and automated with KlearStack AI’s deep-learning and advanced OCR solution. It can be easily implemented and reduces clerical errors drastically.

Asset & Wealth Management

Handling various securities and real estate based deals with ample paperwork. Firms tend to lose clients due to lengthy procedures. Add the amount of manual data entry work to it, the entire process becomes even more cumbersome. This can be easily dealt with by integrating KlearStack AI. The technology is based on machine learning and therefore, has the ability to self-evolve to be prepared for future challenges. Say no to manual data entry work and increase client satisfaction rate with KlearStack AI.

Insurance Companies & Brokerages

From medical claims and premium collection documents to invoices and receipts in the finance department, insurance companies and brokerage firms have to go through a lot of paperwork. All this hassle can be reduced with KlearStack’s AI-powered solutions that help to automate, digitize and store the data on the cloud and provide easy cross-departmental access if required. Overall accuracy rate and business efficiency increase drastically as well with the KlearStack solution.

KlearStack AI Features

Empower business users to automate processes end-to-end.

Efficient, accurate and timely data extraction to get structured information that can feed into decision support systems of your critical business processes is the key to enterprise automation and your competitive edge.

Template-Free Data Extraction
Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Legal Documents and more. Extract Data. Catalog/ Sort. Save hundreds of person-days.
Transcend beyond OCR
Much More Advanced than an OCR Template. Intelligently extract the document fields during automated document processing.
Secure and reliable document handling
Complete data security, exclusivity and compliance. Regularize data capture and Quickly scale document processing operations.
Intelligent extraction of significant fields
KlearStack AI uses machine learning to easily identify the significant fields from the finance documents.
High Accuracy. Self-Learning AI.
95%+ Accuracy. Compare original to extracted. Input missing metadata. Self-learning algorithm.
Adaptive deep learning models
Even if the invoice layout changes, Machine Learning models handle the data extraction smoothly.