Data Capturing Made Simple With KlearStack’s AI Solution

Invoices, Receipts or Purchase Orders, KlearStack’s self-learning AI solutions can recognise all types of documents and identify crucial fields to extract from them.

Interpret structured, semi structured, or unstructured data.
Capture data from multiple sources. Emails, .pdfs, images and more
Export processed data in various formats for enterprise automation

Deep-Learning Document Interpretation Solution

KlearStack’s AI-powered Document Interpretation Solution gives structure to unstructured data by segregating various types of documents. Our solution can recognize whether a document is an invoice, receipts and so on using the advanced OCR technology and capture data of different fields.

Segregate different types of documents in a single scan.
Extract and capture significant data from document fields
Structure your unstructured data with self-learning AI
Save time and reduce costs on manual document segregation
Reduce error rate by over 99% using data interpretation solutions
Why choose KlearStack AI

Extract Intelligence from Unstructured Data

Discover, consolidate, analyze and extract highest quality data to transform unstructured documents and complex data into meaningful information for enterprise business processes or decision support systems – automatically and at scale.

Seamless Integration
KlearStack’s solutions can be easily integrated with any existing data recognition and cloud storage tool that is currently in use by your organization.
Tailor-Made Solutions
Each business is unique and therefore requires a customized solution based on the requirements of your organisation. KlearStack solutions are easily customizable for any business size and can be designed for all types of industries.
Self-Evolving Technology
KlearStack’s AI-powered solutions use machine learning to upgrade itself based on historical datasets. This enables KlearStack’s solutions to be future proof.
Dedicated Assistance
KlearStack has years of expertise in data management and interpretation solutions and our team is available to resolve all your queries at any time.

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