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With 90% Accuracy in 90 Days

KlearStack is an intelligent data extraction tool that provides seamless extraction of data from the invoices, purchase orders, and expense receipts. It relies on self-learning machine learning models to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the data extraction with continued usage.

We are so confident of the capability of KlearStack that in case the system doesn’t achieve 90% accuracy within 90 days, we guarantee to provide free data extraction services until the accuracy rate hits the 90% target.*

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What can you do with KlearStack's Data Extraction Tool and Intelligent Document processing software

KlearStack’s leading-edge technology increases the productivity of the organization by 200% with its intelligent data extraction system which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Currently, KlearStack is solving the below industrial challenges with its innovative deep learning tech:

B2B Invoice (Accounts Payable) Automation

KlearStack can process a plethora of documents while capturing the data with high accuracy and decreasing the reliance on human resources for auditing.

Purchase Order Automation

You can automate capturing the information from the free-form purchase orders with faster execution, high efficiency, and low-cost.

Expense Receipts Capture Automation

KlearStack can eliminate the trouble of matching and referencing to the documents by effectively capturing the data from the receipts.

How Does KlearStack Work?

KlearStack works using a combination of optical character recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing, and machine learning to extract the data from the unstructured documents.

  • OCR recognizes the text within the images, hand-written, printed and typed documents and converts them into machine-encoded texts.
  • The major challenge with the traditional OCR technology is, it is incapable of determining the meaning of the extracted text and to substantiate that artificial intelligence and machine learning are used.
  • Computer vision, an image processing method helps in converting a document into an image that can be assessed to help localize and identify important parts of the document
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and KlearStack text analytics works with the text extracted from the OCR and meaning from the text.
  • Both computer vision and NLP work to create meaning out of the scanned document and make the computer interpretation of the document possible
  • Artificial intelligence works brilliantly to eliminate human errors.
  • The system works on a self-learning model which increases the accuracy of data extraction and interpretation by learning from the ongoing feedback by human-in-the-loop.

Benefits of KlearStack

Intelligent data processing can help overcome the businesses facing the challenge of manual data entry and provide benefits like:

  • Reduced Overhead Expenses
  • Simplified Auditing
  • Increased Productivity
  • Customized Searches
  • Improved Customer Relationship
  • Template-less Extraction
  • Converts Data from Unstructured to Structured Format
  • Adaptive Machine Learning Technology Which Improves Itself

How to Implement KlearStack?

Any organization looking to automate the data extraction process can subscribe to KlearStack and reap the benefits of the most intelligent data extraction tool in the market for automated invoicing and purchase order automation.

    • 200% increase in the productivity
    • Reduction in the turn-around time by 5 times
    • 80% reduction in the set-up cost
    • 3 times reduction in delayed penalty payments to the suppliers

KlearStack is available as a SaaS solution with no setup and license cost and you pay only for what you consume. Get in touch to know more about KlearStack.

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