KlearStack AI. The Document Intelligence Platform.

End-to-end automation for document-centric business processes

Extract and process any unstructured or semi-structured documents using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, deep learning and machine learning (ML).

Implementation Life Cycle

Say good bye to manual data entry and document processing. Automate document extraction, interpretation and processing using KlearStack AI.

Solution Demonstration
Scoping Questionnaire
Image quality pre-requisites
High-level proposal
Week 1
7 Days Free Trial
Assessment of results
10% straight through processing
Week 2
Instance creation
Training & go-live
60% STP. 40% Effort Saving.
Week 3 - 6
Steady State
Ongoing support
Ongoing ML updates
99% Accuracy. 80% STP
70% Effort Saving
Week 7 - 10
KlearStack AI Features

Empower business users to automate processes end-to-end.

Efficient, accurate and timely data extraction to get structured information that can feed into decision support systems of your critical business processes is the key to enterprise automation and your competitive edge.

Template-Free Data Extraction
Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Legal Documents and more. Extract Data. Catalog/ Sort. Save hundreds of person-days.
Transcend beyond OCR
Much More Advanced than an OCR Template. Intelligently extract the document fields during automated document processing.
Secure and reliable document handling
Complete data security, exclusivity and compliance. Regularize data capture and Quickly scale document processing operations.
Intelligent extraction of significant fields
KlearStack AI uses machine learning to easily identify the significant fields from the finance documents.
High Accuracy. Self-Learning AI.
95%+ Accuracy. Compare original to extracted. Input missing metadata. Self-learning algorithm.
Adaptive deep learning models
Even if the invoice layout changes, Machine Learning models handle the data extraction smoothly.
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