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Automate your manual document processing

KlearStack is an award winning, AI driven data extraction and document processing software. Hundreds of companies across US, India and Europe use KlearStack AI to process millions of documents every month.

Say good bye to manual data entry and in-accurate and slow document processing software. With KlearStack AI, capture data from any complex, semi-structured or unstructured documents of varying formats like receipts, invoices, financial tables, graphs, purchase orders, legal documents and more with “human level accuracy”.

No Templates. No Regex Rules. Easy Setup. Cancel Anytime.
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Accelerate processing of large volumes of data. 10X faster.
Lower processing costs and cost of manual errors
Continuously improve straight through processing
KlearStack AI continuously learns from human-in-loop feedback
Supports all document types for most common document processing scenarios
End-to-end automation with seamless integrations to up-stream processes

Quickly & Accurately Extract Data from any document type

With cognitive capabilities, KlearStack AI sees the scanned documents the same way the human mind reads. Capture, convert and analyse data from any jpg, png, tiff, bmp, or pdf documents.

Without Templates

Extract Data from any unstructured or structured documents

Automate your manual document processing and cut down costs up to 70% with more than 200% increase in productivity levels.

ID Cards
ID Cards
Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders
Credit Notes
Credit Notes
Proforma Invoices
Proforma Invoices
Insurance Policies
Insurance Policies
Legal Documents
Legal Documents
Delivery Notes
Delivery Notes
Financial Statements
Financial Statements
Annual Reports
Annual Reports

How Does it work?

Classify, categorize, extract relevant information and validate extracted data. Exponentially improve accuracy and Straight-Through-Processing (STP) with KlearStack AI’s self-learning algorithm.


Data extraction and IDP involves pre-processing stage wherein OCR and machine learning algorithms scan and evaluate the quality of the document – detects bad quality, automatically enhances image quality or rejects poor quality documents if they cannot be enhanced.

This stage is crucial in the extraction process to ensure high-quality extraction through cleaning, organizing and transforming the raw data to meet expected quality SLAs or IDP and machine learning mandates.

Document Classification

The initial phase of KlearStack Intelligent Document Processing begins with classifying the type of document being processed. Classify document types like Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bill of Lading, Performa Invoices, Credit Notes, ID Cards, etc.

This classification is accomplished using the combination of Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technology.

Document Extraction

Once the document is classified, the next and most significant step in the process is to extract valuable information from the documents. The OCR software recognizes characters and symbols on a document as it scans the images and photographs of documents.

KlearStack’s Machine Learning models can extract specific fields, irrespective of the layouts. The model is continuously trained to understand the data extraction irrespective of layouts and formats/ field naming conventions.

Document Validation

Confirm data items extracted by the system such as hand-written text, human signatures and mapping the extracted text to specific fields. Also improving machine confidence and accuracy in future processes.

Business Rules Validation

Increase operational efficiency and overall processing capacity with KlearStack’s Business Rules Validation engine for document extraction and processing.

Execute cross-document validation, configure and use rule sets that can be used in various processes and solutions. Easy-to-use rules result review and exception handling.


Think beyond traditional OCR and RPA. Connect the dots and achieve higher order Straight-Through-Processing with KlearStack AI. Using our three layered data validation technology confidently automate straight through processing. Automatically highlight documents that fail any re conciliation checks.

Completely automate manual business processes to speed up your document processing or stream line data sharing across multiple points.

API and Integrations

Open RESTful APIs for seamless integrations with any accounting, ERP or RPA systems. Out-of-the-box integrations with SAP, QuickBooks, and more.

Use Cases

AI driven Intelligent Document Processing.
The New Normal for Business agility

KlearStack AI’s Intelligent Document Processing platform uses machine learning, computer vision, predictive analytics, and NLP to automate manual data processing that facilitates straight-through-processing and hyper automation within enterprises.

Accounts Payable Automation
Accounts Payable Automation
Purchase Order Automation
Purchase Order Automation
Invoice Processing Automation
Invoice Processing Automation
Receipts Capture Automation
Receipts Capture Automation
Loans Processing Automation
Loans Processing Automation

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KlearStack has also won multiple awards at prestigious competitions – we are the India winners of NTT Data Open Innovation Contest 2019, Global finalist among world’s top 28 Startups invited to Tokyo. First prize Winners of E&Y Data Science Hackathon 2019 and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

200% productivity increase. 5X reduced turnaround time. 60% reduction in expenses. $0 set-up costs. Still have questions? Check our FAQ below:

  1. KlearStack provides ‘end-to-end’ data extraction (including line – items) from Invoices with very high accuracy.
  2. Most of the alternatives fail to extract line items precisely.
  3. It is truly a template-independent ‘Data Extraction Software’. Absolutely NO template co-ordinates or rules needed!
  4. The Adaptive Deep Learning Model continuously train themselves thereby increasing accuracy.
  5. Unlike other alternatives in the market, it is not just-OCR solution.
  6. Free Trial for limited time period.
  1. Accuracy of Invoice Processing is 98% in Lab.
  2. For completely new invoices unseen by KlearStack – accuracy is about 85%, based on your plan

Yes. KlearStack supports one invoice with multiple pages , multiple documents in one file, multiple pages with different invoices.

KlearStack Software can extract invoice data from PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ZIP file formats.

    KlearStack is fully compliant with features pertaining to :
  • Network Security
  • Database Security
  • Role-based Security Control
  • Encryption for Data at rest
  • Physical and Logical separation of data
  • Regular penetration testing
  1. Eg: Date can be at multiple places in a invoice, KlearStack recognizes the Invoice Date correctly.
  2. Eg: Total can be written as “Total 2 nos. Rs. 76,000”; A normal Regex/Rule will fail in this case. KlearStack can identify the ‘total amount’ precisely in all layouts.
  3. Using Regex, you cannot determine Supplier name on the invoice.
  4. Regex cannot help in identifying the correct GSTN number for Supplier.
  5. Regex will not help in extracting line items

Yes. KlearStack is a bulk invoice processing software. Your entire billing process can be automated in KlearStack software.

Yes. KlearStack provides On-prem support.

Yes. KlearStack is an invoice data extraction software with Multi-user support.

  1. Using UI, you can export data into csv format/excel spreadsheet
  2. Using API, you will get data in json format