Make Hyper-Automation a reality with Intelligent Document Processing

Implement and leverage AI driven OCR and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for faster and better process management

Automate data extraction and document processing from unstructured, semi-structured or complex documents to drive operational efficiencies and realise economies of scale using KlearStack’s AI driven OCR and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform.

Regardless of what kind of document needs to be processed – scanned or native PDFs, images or emails, with KlearStack IDP extract meaningful information without the need to define rules or templates.

How does Intelligent Document Processing Work?

Intelligent data extraction WITHOUT creating templates for each document layout. Automate end-to-end processes and run decision analytics directly on top of the documents.

Export the data that is now structured and can be easily interpreted and consumed for business intelligence & insights. Structured data can be accessed easily across departments, process and systems like ERP, accounting, etc.
The document gets classified between a paper and an electronic document. Through Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing machine learning technology, this process is completed.
Using KlearStack IDP users can validate extracted data basis business rules, document comparisons, and more to ensure accuracy. With human-in-loop validation data is either moved on for processing, or data that fails validation can be corrected.
Using OCR and deep-learning AI, the information is extracted from the scanned documents and interpreted in a contextual manner. KlearStack AI using deep learning and cognitive capabilities sees the document just like a human reads.
Use Cases

AI driven Intelligent Document Processing.
The New Normal for Business agility

KlearStack AI’s Intelligent Document Processing platform uses machine learning, computer vision, predictive analytics, and NLP to automate manual data processing that facilitates straight-through-processing and hyper automation within enterprises.

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