Enterprise Automation

Automate document processing. Accelerate Enterprise Automation.

At KlearStack, we enable organizations to be more efficient and help them grow their business by removing operational obstacles. The most common obstacle for organizations across various departments is dealing with truckloads of paper every single day.

Our AI-powered OCR and IDP solution with adaptive deep learning technology allows organizations to completely automate document centric processes. Automate scanning, extraction, segregation and interpretation of information from any unstructured document with minimal to almost zero human intervention.

80% of all enterprise data is unstructured

KlearStack unlocks value from unstructured documents like texts, images, pdfs, emails, and much more, delivering measurable impact across your enterprise.


Template-free Data Extraction

Upload Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Legal Documents and more. Extract Data. Catalog/ Sort.


Document AI with self-learning capabilities

Analyze unstructured data, extract actionable business insights and intelligence with high accuracy.


Integrate with SAP, Quickbooks, RPA & more

Transform manual, inefficient processes into powerful solutions to solve complex business processes & challenges

AI driven Intelligent Document Processing. The New Normal for Enterprise Automation.

Discover, consolidate, analyze and extract highest quality data to transform unstructured documents and complex data into meaningful information for enterprise business processes or decision support systems – automatically and at scale.

Banking & Financial Institutions

Digitize and Automate Critical Financial Document Processing

Enable Paper-less banking operations leveraging AI driven OCR & IDP

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Securely Digitize and automate healthcare document processing.

Digitize and automate all medical documentation processes.

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Automate billing, accounting and customer onboarding.

Automate manual document processes like payments, receipts, customer data, KYC, and more.

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Improve compliance, supplier and customer relations

Automate purchase orders, invoices and receipts processing with AI driven OCR and IDP solutions.

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