Everything You Need To Know About AWS OCR

Everything You Need To Know About AWS OCR

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2022)

Companies have always been big-time fans of employing humans to do manual laborious tasks like data entry. This is the reason why traditionally, organizations have had posts like data entry operators for simple form filling and database completion. Drifting away from such a rudimentary setup, optical character recognition software was developed that could extract data and convert it into digital usable forms.

However, traditional OCR applications have their own share of problems, the lack of data understanding being the most prominent one. This is the reason why companies like Amazon, which deal with tons of data every day, decided to invest in OCR solutions that are empowered by Artificial Intelligence.

Today, we shall discuss how the AWS OCR, Amazon’s AI-based OCR solution, is transforming business operations all over the world. Let’s get started.

Amazon AWS is the world’s leading cloud platform where Amazon offers several services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Since over 200 cloud-based services are available on Amazon AWS currently, and it is an open service used by millions across the globe, it was important for the platform to have an optical character recognition tool as well.

The AWS Textract is the name of Amazon’s OCR solution. Just like the Amazon AWS OCR, there are several other open-source OCR applications available freely. However, the unique point for AWS Textract is that it is built using machine learning models which generalize quite well to allow the software to extract information from different types of file formats.

Highlights Of AWS OCR - Textract

● Process Multiple Formats

The biggest highlight of the AWS Textract is that it is much more than just a simple OCR. Being empowered by artificial intelligence capabilities, it is very much capable of extracting data from PDFs, Tables, images, or any other text-based file format respectively.

This is also the reason why world over, AWS recognition OCR is currently the most preferred alternative for users to develop an interface between different types of files and their own database. Hence, it is the AWS OCR that is most widely used to upload selective information from files to company databases.

● Cloud-based Tool

Another great feature of AWS text recognition service is that being a tool for the world’s biggest cloud platform, the AWS OCR is completely cloud-based. What this ultimately means is that to avail of the benefits of this application, you would not require any software or hardware setup and management on your premises. All management, surveillance, and monitoring will be done by AWS itself.

Hence, you can consider optical character recognition as yet another service being offered on the cloud platform by Amazon. So, no personalized application servers need to be set up from the users’ end. You only need to send the documents and you shall directly receive the digitally converted output.

● Affordable Solution

Just like any other OCR solution, the AWS OCR also ensures that businesses save a lot of money on tedious, repetitive, and cumbersome data entry tasks. Talking about its own value and pricing model, if your requirement is limited to simple text-based documents, it will be one of the most affordable alternatives, $1.50 per 1000 pages being the cost. If you wish to process tabular data with AWS OCR, $15.00 per 1000 pages is the rate.

Finally, key-value pairs that are extensively used in professional documents like forms, applications, etc., cost is $50.00 per 1000 pages.

● High Degree of Accuracy

From an accuracy perspective, Amazon AWS is reliable enough, all thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. It can process diverse data sets easily, allowing it to generate error-free outputs consistently.

But since there are chances of facing documents that are more complex than its own abilities, the AWS Textract can be integrated with Amazon’s Augmented AI workflow. This integration will automatically empower the Textract to send alerts whenever there is a need for human review for the output generated for a complex document.

The Bottomline

AWS Textract is one of the most likable OCR software, undoubtedly. The easy setup facility for AWS OCR with any other AWS service makes it accessible to a wider audience. It is based on AWS’ general security rules and regulations, indicating that all data handling is secure without any chances of a breach.

If you’ve already tried tons of solutions for data extraction and have still not found the most suitable option, KlearStack has the best offer for you. We have developed a comprehensive and indigenous AI-based OCR solution that matches all the capabilities of AWS OCR quite efficiently.

It is further a proven solution to provide thoroughly checked and 100% error-free data outputs no matter how complex the document would be. A software that pulls out relevant data successfully irrespective of the templates used in the file, KlearStack is certainly the OCR solution you just can’t miss out on.

Ashutosh Saitwal
Ashutosh Saitwal

Ashutosh is the founder and director of the award winning KlearStack AI platform. You can catch him speaking at NASSCOM events around the world where he speaks and is an evangelist for RPA, AI, Machine Learning and Intelligent Document Processing.