How to convert pdf to excel free?

How to convert pdf to excel free?

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2022)

PDF documents have several advantages, but editing tables in PDF is not always easy. If you want to extract a table in a PDF document, or just edit the text in spreadsheet format, we recommend converting the PDF to a .xlsx file or an Excel document. Continue reading this article as it explains how to convert PDF to Excel documents.

There are numerous platforms and websites that allow users to convert PDF documents to excel for free. However, we have curated a list of some of the top PDF to Excel converters along with their pros and cons. Below is a list:


Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is the inventor of PDF, and there is also a PDF to Excel converter software called Acrobat. Downloaded from Adobe’s website, this PDF to Excel converter offers a 7-day free trial. You can test all features before Adobe starts charging you.


  • The quality from PDF to Excel is excellent and the turnaround time is rapid
  • This is a complete PDF solution with editing, conversion, comments, signatures and more


  • If you want a free trial, you need to provide your payment information. If you forget to cancel the auto-renewal service, you will be charged immediately upon the end of the free trial period..
  • It’s not easy to use with UI design and many features. Obtaining the full version of Adobe Acrobat is very expensive.


Nitro PDF converter

Nitro PDF Converter is a PDF to Excel free converter with various functions such as editing, creating, typing and annotation. Nitro PDF Converter works for Windows only and focuses on working with the company, not the staff.


  • It is great for converting text fields
  • Users can use the batch processing function, and it gives access to a lot of other features as well


  • It is available for Windows only
  • It does not provide a free trial version
  • Once the data is extracted, you may have to deal with junk characters like spaces, and line breaks.


PDFElement Pro

PDFelement Pro is a very popular PDF to Excel free converter tool currently on the market. You have full control over your PDF files and easily convert and edit your documents. With this PDF to Excel software, you can convert multiple PDF files to Excel, HTML, Word, and other formats. The software provider provides detailed information on how to transfer  PDF to Excel documents on its website.


  • It helps you to convert PDF to Excel with one click. Most importantly, you can easily convert  PDF files to Excel. This can save you a lot of time
  • An all-in-one solution for PDF files with editing, creating, merging, comments, passwords, fillable forms, and more
  • Trial version available for pre-payment testing
  • The program runs fast
  • An excellent support team to help solve technical problems


  • The free trial version has a lot of limitations
  • The OCR quality may not be that great


Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is a PDF to Excel converter for offline use. This PDF to Excel Converter helps you to convert PDF files from computer, scanner, or website to Excel. In addition to Excel, it also supports conversion to HTML, images, Word, PPT, etc.


  • You can support PDF search via files, scanners, web, and clipboard when trying to convert PDF to Excel
  • There are many other features for the PDF solution


  • PDF to Excel conversion is slow
  • There are line breaks and unnecessary spaces after conversion
  • It has a complex UI design which makes it challenging for the user to use


Some enterprise-level PDF to Excel converters:



KlearStack is an AI-based data extracting software that helps convert unstructured documents such as receipts, invoices, purchase orders, trade documents to various forms like CSV, PDF, Excel, and more. It is a quick and efficient converter and converts not just text but images, and much more, using its proprietary deep learning technology. KlearStack provides an intuitive user interface as well as API interface for seamless integration with your RPA platforms, mobile apps, web sites, document management systems, cloud based softwares and intranet applications.


  • Supports template-free data capture from multiple document types
  • It offers both SaaS on-premise options.
  • High accuracy with template-less data capture
  • It offers adaptive deep learning models
  • Intelligent extraction of significant fields
  • Offers a fully functional free trial version


  • The free trial is offered for a limited time period



Nanonets is an AI-based OCR software that automates data acquisition for intelligent document processing such as invoices, receipts, and ID cards. Nanonets uses advanced OCR, machine learning-based image processing, and deep learning techniques to extract relevant information from unstructured data. Digitize documents, extract data fields, and integrate them into everyday apps via a simple and intuitive user interface API.


  • Simple user interface and easy to use
  • High accuracy with no standard limits


  • Annotation is time-consuming
  • Limited output when implemented on-premise



Docparser is a cloud-based data extracting, document analysis and automation tool on the market today. Extract data from regular documents such as PDF, Word documents, and scanned image files. Send your data anywhere and download it directly in Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, use native integrations like Google Sheets and Salesforce or use third-party systems like Zapier, Integromat, MS Power Automate


  • It saves time and works fast
  • It gives the control to scrape your PDFs


  • Mixes all the documents at one place which makes it difficult to sort them out



Docsumo helps operations and accounting teams capture data from unstructured documents such as invoices, orders, and forms into structured formats such as CSV, JSON, XML, and Excel. Docsumo speeds your document processing by 5x.


  • Easy and simple review interface for manual input/ correction
  • Skilled AI extraction
  • Quick and responsive customer support


  • No integration with famous accounting tool yet


Some more PDF to excel converters available on the web:

There are a lot of other tools in the market which are lesser known but can help users convert pdf to excel for free, here is a list of some of the most popular and good PDF to Excel converters below:



EasePDF is an all-in-one PDF online solution. EasePDF’s free PDF to Excel free converter extracts all worksheets from  PDF files and saves them in Excel spreadsheets with the highest accuracy. Preserves all data, layout, and format of the original PDF.

All uploaded and converted files will be automatically deleted from the server within 24 hours so no one can access your personal documents. EasePDF is also integrated with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, so you can import files from Cloud Drive and export the converted Excel there.



Smallpdf is also great for converting PDF to Excel free online. The short and clear user interface makes it easy for PDF users to convert PDF to Excel. The conversion quality of SmallPDF is also noteworthy. Free users have limited permissions and must be upgraded to premium users to add features such as bulk conversion.



With ILovePDF, you can convert PDF to Excel for free. The converter supports batch conversion from PDF to Excel for free, so you can convert multiple PDF files at the same time. The conversion process is very simple. Simply upload the PDF file and press the Convert button and after a few minutes, you will see the download link for the converted Excel file.


Pdftoexcel is a free online PDF to Excel conversion service that anyone can use. When you upload the PDF file, the conversion will start automatically. For free users,  uploaded files will remain in the queue for a while before being converted. You can upgrade to a premium account and skip the wait. You don’t have to worry about file security as all files will be deleted from the server after up to 6 hours.



PDFelement Pro is a professional PDF conversion, editing, and creation software for Windows and Mac computers. With this program, you can easily convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, RTF, and more. The PDF to Excel converter is very easy to use and works perfectly with excellent output quality. The conversion is easy. Simply go to the Convert option in the top menu bar and select To Excel. Import the PDF file and press the “Convert” button to create a new Excel spreadsheet immediately.


Soda PDF

Another PDF to XLS / XLSX Excel desktop converter we highly recommend is SodaPDF. This is the ultimate solution to almost any PDF problem such as editing, converting, creating, merging, splitting, etc. With the latest beautiful and clear user interface, anyone can quickly convert PDF to Excel. Soda PDF Desktop also supports bulk conversion.

Ashutosh Saitwal
Ashutosh Saitwal

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