Invoice OCR

Simplifying Data Capture for Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

Extract data from invoices automatically using KlearStack’s AI-driven Invoice OCR and intelligent document processing. Digitize, classify, and process structured or unstructured documents – irrespective of the layout, format, or type using our proprietary deep learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms.

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Challenges of Data Capture from Invoices

Format/Template variability
Poor quality documents
Handwritten documents
Key-value pair extraction
Line items extraction
Accuracy of the data capture

Experience 99% Accuracy: Transforming Data Capture with KlearStack's Invoice OCR Solution

Any Format. Any Layout.

Template-less Solution

Dealing with invoices of various formats and layouts often demands creating new templates for each, a cumbersome and inefficient process. KlearStack’s Invoice OCR, however, offers a remarkable solution: its advanced AI algorithms deliver template-less automation. Say goodbye to the hassle of crafting new templates each time – KlearStack’s technology effortlessly adapts to diverse invoice structures. This innovation streamlines your workflow and boosts efficiency, enabling you to focus on critical tasks without the burden of manual template creation.

Line-item extraction. Table extraction

Line-item Data Extraction

KlearStack’s advanced Invoice OCR solution provide a Line-Item data extraction wherein you can extract essential items such as Vendor/Supplier name, Sales tax registration number, Invoice date, VAT Number, and Vendor/Supplier address. Moreover, it can also extract line items like Item number, Unit price, Invoice amount, Tax rate/amount, and Discount. Payment data extraction is also possible using KlearStack. You can get information like Total without tax, Total tax, Advance paid, Payment due date, and Amount due.

Classify and extract multi-page documents

Multi page Invoice Data Extraction

Invoices arrive in diverse forms: structured, unstructured, single-page, multipage, complex, handwritten, and more. Navigating this variability demands powerful solutions, precisely what KlearStack’s Invoice OCR provides. Our software’s capabilities rise to the challenge; adeptly handling invoices of every type. Seamlessly compatible with multi-page invoices, it extracts data with unwavering precision. KlearStack’s technology ensures that your invoicing process remains efficient, regardless of the intricacies or variations of the documents at hand. With Invoice OCR, you gain a reliable ally in managing the full spectrum of invoice formats.

Batch invoice processing

Bulk Invoice Processing

Enterprises can feed in many invoices to the KlearStack for process in one go. A feature called KlearStack’s Invoice OCR with batch processing feature can process multiple invoices in one go. While doing so, it can identify, recognize and categorize each invoice. Any additional part can also be used on these invoices. So now businesses can forget about processing invoices individually and switch to a faster and more accurate method with KlearStack!

Why choose KlearStack's Invoice OCR?

300% Lower TCO
Total Cost of Ownership is reduced by 300% when using KlearStack.
90% Cost saving
KlearStack provides 500x faster data entry than manual processing resulting in 90% cost savings.
99% Accuracy
KlearStack’s superior algorithms offer 99% accuracy.
Data security
KlearStack offers several levels of security to keep your data safe and secure.
20x Lower set-up cost
Setup costs are 20x lower compared to manual processing invoices.
For fixed format and variable format documents

Staright-Through Processing

KlearStack’s AI-powered model delivers seamless straight-through processing, enhancing the speed and cost-effectiveness of financial transactions. Through automated data extraction and processing, KlearStack accelerates workflows and facilitates data sharing across diverse platforms, all without requiring human intervention. The result is a streamlined and error-free process that optimizes financial operations.

99% Accuracy

Day Zero Accuracy

Experience the exceptional strength of KlearStack’s Invoice OCR platform through its remarkable Day Zero Accuracy capability. KlearStack’s advanced algorithms flawlessly extract data from previously unseen invoices with unparalleled precision. Effortlessly scan and digitize new invoices without the need for repetitive AI model training. Leveraging NLP framework, computer vision, and heuristics, KlearStack’s model ensures Day Zero Accuracy. Businesses can initiate swift invoice data capture and attain end-to-end document automation right from the outset.

Out of the box integrations

Seamless Integrations

At KlearStack, we take immense pride in delivering clients with effortless integrations spanning diverse platforms including RPA, QuickBooks, SAP, Tally, Salesforce, Gmail, and a range of other APIs. Through a user-friendly process, you can swiftly establish integrations tailored for any of these platforms, empowering users to seamlessly harness the transformative capabilities of KlearStack’s technology. Our commitment to seamless integration ensures that clients can optimize their workflows and enhance their operational efficiency with ease.

KlearStack AI vs Traditional Invoice OCR Comparison

KlearStack AI
Traditional OCR
Data Formatting
Self-Learning AI
No Template Setup Required
Cost & Time Efficient
Multiple Data Formats Supported
Multiple Export Options
Third Party Integrations


Faster Time for Invoice Processing Workflow


Increased Productivity of Accounts Payable Team


Accurate Invoice Processing with Self-learning Model

Automate Your Invoice Processing Workflow with KlearStack's Invoice OCR

KlearStack’s AI-driven Invoice OCR enables you to extract data from invoices easily, efficiently, and accurately.