Multi-Vendor Invoicing Automation

Are you a technology partner that aggregates multiple vendors to offer customers a “best of breed” technology solution?

Count on KlearStack for your multi-vendor invoicing challenges.

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Processing hundreds of vendor invoices to bill your client can be unnerving!

Your quest to provide most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your clients lead to processing high volume of vendor invoices. Processing myriad vendor invoice formats can get cumbersome and inefficient. Multi-channel invoicing options – Email, Fax, Scanned invoices, Mobile captured invoices.

Do your customer invoice line items feed from your vendor invoices?

Invoice processing errors can be expensive to correct, time consuming and detrimental to business relationship. Delay in Invoice payments may attract late payment charges.

KlearStack Advantage. Straight Through Invoice processing

  • Template-Less Approach data extraction– Captures unstructured data from invoices accurately & intelligently
  • Straight Through Invoice Processing – Minimal manual intervention required
  • 200% Improvement in productivity – Reduced invoice cycle time
  • 100%inter-operable using REST APIs
  • 80% reduction in cost
  • On-time and error free payment of supplier invoices – strong supplier relationships
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