Receipt Capture

The unstructured data extraction in KlearStack AI is achieved through deep learning, OCR (Optical Character Reader) and NLR (Natural Language Representation) methods, converting them from unstructured to structured data, to increase productivity by 200%.

The customers have an option to also leverage KlearStack RPA components, that further utilize this newly structured data extracted from the documents, to automatically fill customer forms, ERP screens and to reconcile invoices.

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KlearStack - Invoice Automation - Industry Problem

Industry Problem

For an Accountant who scans several business expenses, inputting all the details into an expense report can be taxing. Despite all the time and effort, it still remains error-prone. The manual process also increases the chances of wrong or mismatched entries. However, with an automated receipt capture tool, the time spent in the entire expense reporting process can be reduced drastically. Moreover, the hassles of referencing and matching receipts to expense report can further be eliminated.

Our Solution : Receipt Data Extraction

KlearStack automates your Receipt data extraction completely! Remove manual entry from unstructured documents without rules-based set-up using KlearStack. No more templates, No more Rules! KlearStack’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’ automates the ‘free-form’ receipt capture, so they are processed faster, with fewer exceptions and at lower costs. Extract data from Receipts using AI, that deploys our own Machine learning models powered with the best OCRs in the industry.

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