Trade Finance Process Automation

Liberate your Trade Finance value chain from document processing inefficiencies with KlearStack AI’s trade finance document automation solution.

Turn manual, error prone and costly loan documentation processing to faster, smarter, and accurate with KlearStack.

Industry Problem

The use of paper documents in Trade Finance is immense, it is estimated that billions of pages and documents circulate in documentary trade alone. Longer transaction time as physical paper is used across the transactions and all stakeholders. Manual review of terms& conditions against the trade document or Credit limit check, are very time consuming & error prone.

Higher manual compliance costs for trade related compliance such as Basel 3, Anti Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorism Funding (CTF). Data extraction from application forms, bills of exchange, commercial invoices, transport documents, insurance documents, purchase orders and debit/credit notes, and statements is manual and very labour-intensive.

Ability to quickly extract data from trade documents and validate trade information, would enable faster decision making, sustained trade finance business.

KlearStack Advantage - AI and Machine learning for Trade Finance Document Automation

Template-Less Approach for data extraction– Captures unstructured data from loan documents, accurately & intelligently.
Decision making and trade compliance checks powered by ML
Reduce Trade Finance transaction cost and AHT (Average Handling Time)
200% Improvement in productivity – Reduced loan processing time.
100% Inter-operable using REST APIs.
80% Reduction in cost.
Faster Trade Finance processing – strong customer relationships.