Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Automate routine AP functions, improve decision making, and mitigate compliance and fraud risks with intelligent and contextual data extraction, interpretation, processing and accounts payable automation using AI driven OCR and IDP solutions.


Increased Productivity


Reduced Set-up Costs


Reduced Cash Outflow


Reduced Turnaround Time
Accounts Payable Automation

End-to-end Invoice Processing with KlearStack IDP Solution

Accounts Payable Automation workflow
Extract and Interpret

Contextually extract and interpret data with AI

AI-based solution with deep learning, OCR, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) that contextually extracts and interprets data for improved field level accuracy, forecasting and decision making with Accounts Payable automation.

Self-learning AI

Achieve 90%+ accuracy with self-learning AI

Get 99% accuracy with human-in-loop review and business rules validation for AP data extraction and processing. KlearStack’s self-learning AI and validation engine continuously improves accuracy of your AP processes.

Improve efficiency & scale

Process thousands of documents in a day

Improve efficiencies and realize economies of scale with AI driven intelligent Accounts Payable automation and data extraction solutions. Process thousands of invoices, receipts, bank statements without human errors and 10x lower costs.

Reduce AP Operations Costs

Reduce back office operations costs by 70%

Eliminate manual paper work and free your resources from the drudgery of manual data entry and validation. With KlearStack AI quickly and easily classify documents, identify key attributes and verify data automatically.

Experience Paperless AP processes with Accounts Payable Automation using KlearStack AI

Eliminate manual AP processes with adaptive document recognition technology to intelligently capture data from invoices, purchase orders, receipts and more. End-to-end Accounts Payable Automation for processing, verification, and approval processes.
Reduce or eliminate the use of paper and manual errors
Streamline and improve invoice, purchase order, and reconciliation
Speed up supplier on-boarding, reconciliations, and error detection and correction
Better compliance with regulatory requirements
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Make your Accounts payable Process Touch-less, Error-free and Streamlined

Straight-Through Processing
Improve accuracy and Straight-Through Processing with self-learning AI. Automate extraction, processing and streamline data sharing across multiple systems.
Seamless Integrations
Open RESTful APIs for seamless integrations with any accounting, ERP or RPA systems. Out-of-the-box integrations with SAP, QuickBooks, and more.
Data Security
Role based security control. Encryption for data at rest. Physical and logical separation of data. Regular penetration testing. On-Premise Option.
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