Loans Processing Automation

Loans Processing Automation

Transform traditional slow, error-prone and cumbersome paper-laden loans processing and lending processes with an AI driven solution that completely automates and accelerates loans document processing. Experience end-to-end Loan processing automation with KlearStack’s AI-driven Intelligent document processing platform


Cost Reduction


Faster Turnaround


Productivity Gains


Man Hours Saved

Digital Transformation for Document Centric Loans and Lending Processes

Overcoming Existing Challenges of paper-laden cumbersome processes and risks of human errors with KlearStack AI. The KlearStack AI process:

Step 1


Machine learning algorithms scan and evaluate the quality of the document – detects bad quality, automatically enhances image quality or rejects poor quality documents if they cannot be enhanced.

Step 2

Document Classification

Intelligent Document Processing begins with classifying document types like Loan Documents, ID Cards, invoices, purchase orders, NACH mandate forms, insurance policies etc.

Step 3

Document Extraction

KlearStack’s Machine Learning models interprets and extracts specific fields, irrespective of the document formats and layouts. The ML models are continuously trained to understand the data extraction and interpretation.

Step 4

Document Validation

Confirm data items extracted by the system such as hand-written text, human signatures and map the extracted text to specific fields. User can configure any number of custom data validation conditions that mimic their business rules.

Step 5


Straight-through-processing is achieved using a three-layered data validation technology, that also highlights documents that fail any validation checks.

Step 6

Out-of-the-box, and API Integrations

Data is seamlessly integrated with any downstream system – whether CRM, RPA platform, BPM software, accounting software, ERP or RPA system.

Do More with KlearStack AI

Digitize and Automate Critical Financial Document Processing

Digitizing Banks Through Smart Document Automation

Is your Banking Operations struggling with slow transaction turnaround times, high cost of operations to process documents, loss of business due to inaccuracies, lack of agility in business operations?

Challenges with Manual Loan Processing Operations

Slow transaction turnaround time as it would take at least a few hours for an end-to- end processing for each document
High cost of operations as plenty of human resources was required to process documents
An increase in inaccuracies leads to more time consumption and loss of business
Lack of agility in business operations when the transaction volumes would surge up during peak seasons
Managing knowledge and productivity retention when you have a high attrition rate of your data entry operators

Benefits of Loan Processing Automation

70% Cost Reduction In Document Processing Operations
300% Improvement in Turnaround time for processing loans
100% Improvement in team productivity
1000s and Millions of human hours saved per month
Improvement in the consumer experience
Business agility. Processing documents and loans during peak season become hassle-free due to the implementation of an end-to-end automated document process.
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