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With our AI-based Data Extraction and processing software, we have helped companies across the globe ramp-up their businesses by automating their manual document processing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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  1. KlearStack provides ‘end-to-end’ data extraction (including line – items) from Invoices with very high accuracy.
  2. Most of the alternatives fail to extract line items precisely.
  3. It is truly a template-independent ‘Data Extraction Software’. Absolutely NO template co-ordinates or rules needed!
  4. The Adaptive Deep Learning Model continuously train themselves thereby increasing accuracy.
  5. Unlike other alternatives in the market, it is not just-OCR solution.
  6. Free Trial for limited time period.

KlearStack Software can extract invoice data from PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ZIP file formats.

Yes. KlearStack is a bulk invoice processing software. Your entire billing process can be automated in KlearStack software.

  1. Accuracy of Invoice Processing is 98% in Lab.
  2. For completely new invoices unseen by KlearStack – accuracy is about 85%, based on your plan

KlearStack is fully compliant with features pertaining to :

  • Network Security
  • Database Security
  • Role-based Security Control
  • Encryption for Data at rest
  • Physical and Logical separation of data
  • Regular penetration testing
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