Credit Note OCR

Automate data extraction from credit notes, like credit note numbers, supplier code, vendor information, and other important fields with KlearStack AI-powered credit note OCR and IDP solution. Realize end-to-end accounts payable and receivables automation or supply chain optimization. Improve straight-through-processing.

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Credit Note OCR - Automated data capture using KlearStack

Challenges of Data Capture From Credit Notes

Varied Formats
Varied Formats
Variations in formatting and layout of credit notes from different vendors or suppliers.
Varied context
Varied context
Difficulty in identifying relevant data fields due to variations in language, location, and context.
Incorrect or Missing Data
Incorrect or Missing Data
Inconsistent data qualify, including missing, incomplete, or inaccurate information.
Large Volumes
Large Volumes
Managing large volumes of credit notes manually can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.
Complex data validation requirements involving cross-referencing data from invoices or purchase orders.
Difficulties in ensuring compliance with regulatory or internal policies related to data privacy and security.
Challenges in integrating data from credit notes with other systems, such as accounting or enterprise resources planning (ERP) software.
Limited Visibility
Limited Visibility
Limited visibility into the status of credit note processing, including delays or errors that can impact business operations.
End-to-end Credit Note Processing

KlearStack's AI-powered Credit Note OCR

Efficient Credit Notes Data Capture: Streamlining Accuracy and Workflow

Intelligent Data Extraction

Template - Free  Solution

KlearStack offers template-free solutions for automating and extracting data from Credit Notes. Our AI-powered algorithms can recognize and extract relevant data fields from a wide range of Credit Note formats minimizing errors and improving overall accuracy. With KlearStack’s template-free approach, businesses can achieve streamlined Credit Note processing while also gaining the flexibility to handle a wide variety of Credit Note layouts and formats.

Template-less credit note OCR
Straight through processing credit note ocr
End-to-end document processing

Straight through  Processing

KlearStack’s automated solution for credit notes enables Stright through processing (STP) by extracting data from credit notes and performing a three-way match with the original purchase order and invoice. This ensures that the credit note is valid and accurate and can be processed quickly without manual intervention. With STP enabled by KlearStack, businesses can minimize the time and effort spent on credit note processing, freeing up resources to focus on other critical business operations.


Three Way  Match

The three-way match is a crucial process for companies to ensure that their financial transactions are accurate and complete. KlearStack’s automated Credit Note processing solution ensures that the three-way match process is accurate and efficient by extracting and validating data from all relevant documents. This reduces the likelihood of errors and discrepancies, saving time and minimizing the risk of financial losses.

3 Way Match

Our AI powered Credit note OCR can be used to extract dozens of fields from each credit note and organise them into searchable file formats.

Credit Note Number
Credit Note Date
Credit Note Reference
Unit price
Day Zero Accuracy Credit Note OCR
99% Accuracy

Day Zero  Accuracy

KlearStack’s technology can ensure that all relevant data is accurately extracted and processed from the moment the credit note is uploaded into KlearStack AI’s platform. This level of accuracy helps to eliminate errors and ensure that businesses can rely on the processed data for critical decision-making processes. With KlearStack’s day-zero accuracy for credit notes, businesses can streamline their processing workflows and free up valuable resources to focus on other important tasks.

Flexible Deployment

Cloud & On-Prem  Support

KlearStack’s automated Credit Note processing provides both cloud and on-premises support options for businesses. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the deployment option that best suits their needs and preferences and scale up or down as needed without additional infrastructure or resources. KlearStack’s support options make it easy for businesses to deploy and manage the system according to their unique requirements.

Cloud and On-premise Support
Chain Efficiency
Out-of-the-box Integrations

Seamless  Integration

KlearStack’s AI-powered platform seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise systems, such as ERP, CRM, and other business applications, to create an efficient and streamlined workflow. With the integration of KlearStack, you can easily extract data from Credit Notes and other financial documents and integrate it into your financial system without any manual intervention, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the context of automation, a Credit Note is a document issued by a seller to a buyer indicating that a credit has been given to the buyer for a certain amount. This credit is typically given due to returned or overcharged goods or services. Credit Notes are an essential part of any business accounting process, as they help to ensure accurate record-keeping and reconciliation of transactions.

KlearStack uses its advanced Cognitive Document Processing technology to automate the credit note extraction process. This technology allows KlearStack to automatically capture and extract relevant data from Credit Notes, including the vendor name, date, credit amount, and reason for the credit. By using AI and machine learning algorithms, KlearStack is able to quickly and accurately process large volumes of Credit Notes, saving time and increasing efficiency.

KlearStack applies various intelligent classification and data validation techniques to ensure the extracted data from Credit Notes is accurate and reliable. KlearStack’s machine learning algorithms can also learn from human validation and feedback, improving the accuracy of the extraction process over time. KlearStack also has a team of experts who perform quality checks on the extracted data to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Yes, KlearStack can integrate with various accounting software platforms, including QuickBooks, Xero, and SAP. This allows for a seamless Credit Note automation process, where the extracted data can be directly transferred to your accounting software.

Yes, KlearStack’s automation process can be customized to suit your business needs, including defining workflows and approval processes. This ensures that your Credit Note automation process is tailored to your business requirements and follows your specific business rules.

Automate Data Extraction from Credit Notes

Automate data capture from Credit Notes with KlearStack’s AI-powered Credit Note OCR. Improve business decision support systems and analytics and customer or vendor relations.