Data Capture 101: Everything You Need To Know

Data Capture 101: Everything You Need To Know

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2022)

The data that companies obtain on a regular basis is usually classified into structured, unstructured, and semi-structured, respectively. One thing that remains common in all these types of data is that it is usually not readable or usable by the computer directly.

On most occasions, data is presented to workers either as a digital or physical printed document or sometimes even as a handwritten one. While one can process data in this form also, and can even manually type important aspects of it, the work is too cumbersome and demands a lot of effort. For this reason, companies are turning to electronic data capture technology. So, what is this method and how does it help your business tide over difficult, mundane, routine operations on a daily basis, let’s find out.

Data capture is the process of extracting data from structured or unstructured documents and then making it usable by the computer. Optical character Recognition is one of the fundamental tools for the process of automated data capture.

The whole point of digitizing information present in documents of varying formats is to enable organizations to get more out of their existing data. For instance, data that gets converted this way in a hospital can be uploaded or cross-referenced on a central portal, making it more accessible and fruitful for both the businesses and the consumers.

Data Capture Process in A Nutshell

Since various pieces of information stored in a number of documents are created in a variety of formats, businesses usually need a blend of several techniques to implement the data capture technology. Starting from the traditional methods, the manual entering of data after reading it from the document is the most obvious one. You must have come across several businesses outsourcing these types of routine tasks to data entry operators.

While there is no doubt that even this method gets the task done almost like any other, the fact that it requires more expenditure, effort, and involves a great probability of incurring errors is the reason why modern-day operations cannot rely on such manual keying.

Data capturing using Optical Character Recognition technology has been one of the most popular methods. Taking the benefits of this technology a step ahead, organization are now adopting artificial intelligence-based optical character recognition software. An AI-based OCR software is much more beneficial because it not only helps you get a digitized form of the required text but also helps one interpret the data and hence ensures that errors and insights are easier to manage.

What is Change Data Capture?

The dynamism of business data makes it important for analysts and other workers to get access to regularly updated information. Change Data Capture helps organizations manage and track the modifications to their data. Since Change Data Capture is usually referred to as a low latency software action, it suits high-velocity business environments where decisions have to be taken promptly.

People often ask “what is Change Data Capture in SQL server 2008? “. Change data capture was a new addition to the SQL Server 2008 that allowed users to use a function that supports the tracking of insertions, edits, or deletions in the information present in the records.  Therefore, for businesses in which there is a need for periodic updates in the company database, the change data capture feature of SQL 2008 is being used very extensively.

What is a Data Capture Form?

A data capture form typically helps businesses get hold of first-hand information from the most reliable sources. These forms usually have specified fields for which user response is gathered. In institutions like schools, colleges, banks, etc., these forms store personal details of applicants, used for multiple purposes eventually. But when there is a huge quantum of data to be entered into forms, OCR technology is used to automate data entry tasks for Data Capture forms.

KlearStack Data Capture Tools

KlearStack offers the best OCR software that enriches the routine data capture task with artificial intelligence capabilities. KlearStack’s AI-based OCR software not just scans and pulls out data from documents, but also aids in the proper utilization of the same through insight generation. Whatever be the template or format of the document, the experience of extracting data out of it and converting it into a digitized form cannot be more accurate than this. Reach out to us today to seek the benefits of KlearStack’s impeccable OCR tool.

Ashutosh Saitwal
Ashutosh Saitwal

Ashutosh is the founder and director of the award winning KlearStack AI platform. You can catch him speaking at NASSCOM events around the world where he speaks and is an evangelist for RPA, AI, Machine Learning and Intelligent Document Processing.