Data Extraction For a Large

Pharmaceutical Firm To Improve Distribution Analytics Tracking

Automation plays a very important for businesses today, irrespective of which industry they operate. Be it manufacturing, logistics, finance, retail, or healthcare, some level of automation has entered every vertical and its impact in terms of cost efficiency and productivity has provided positive outcomes.

One such type of automation is invoice and document processing which enables to reduce of dependency on human resources and increases productivity.

Challenges Faced by the Firm :
No available means to track the last mile sales of each distributor
The firm was not aware of whether the sales promotions benefits were passed on to end customers or not.
Without being aware of sales promotion schemes’ outcomes, the firm was not sure if the promotion schemes should exist also in first place.
Manual back and forth between the pharmaceutical firm and distributors increased delays and mistrust.

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Data Extraction For a Large Pharmaceutical Firm
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Results Post KlearStack AI Implementation


Improvement in sales analytics tracking.


field-level accuracy achieved while extracting data.


improvement in overall productivity operations