Automation of the data extraction saves you money!!!

With KlearStack you can expect,

- 200% productivity increase

- 5X reduced turnaround time

- 60% reduction in expenses

- $0 set-up costs

Have questions? May be we have answered them below. If not, feel free to reach us at hello@klearstack.com

Currently, there exist hundreds of Invoice Data Extraction Softwares in the market. Why should we opt KlearStack?
  • KlearStack provides 'end-to-end' data extraction (including line – items) from Invoices with very high accuracy.
  • Most of the alternatives fail to extract line items precisely.
  • It is truly a template-independent ‘Data Extraction Software’. Absolutely NO template co-ordinates or rules needed!
  • The Adaptive Deep Learning Model increasingly train themselves thereby increasing accuracy.
  • Unlike other alternatives in the market, it is not just-OCR solution.
  • Free Trial for limited time period.
Data Extraction of fields can be done by Regex also, so why do you use Machine Learning ?
  • Eg: Date can be at multiple places in a invoice, KlearStack recognises the Invoice Date correctly.
  • Eg: Total can be written as “Total 2 nos. Rs 76000”; A normal Regex/Rule will fail in this case. KlearStack can identify the ‘total amount’ precisely in all layouts.
  • Using Regex, you cannot determine Supplier name on the invoice.
  • Regex cannot help in identifying the correct GSTN number for Supplier.
  • Regex will not help in extracting line items.
What is the accuracy of KlearStack for Machine generated invoices ?
  • Accuracy of Invoice Processing is 98% in Lab.
  • For new invoices, it is ~ 85% & within 2-3 weeks, as the ML model retrain themselves, it increases beyond 95%.
Does KlearStack provide bulk invoice processing?

Yes, KlearStack is a bulk invoice processing software. Your entire billing process can be automated in KlearStack software.

Does KlearStack provide multi page support?

Yes, KlearStack can process data from multi-page invoices with very high accuracy.

Can Klearstack be deployed on premise?

Yes, KlearStack provides On-prem support.

What is the supported file format invoices?

KlearStack Software can extract invoice data from PDF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF file formats.

Does KlearStack have multi user support?

Yes, KlearStack is invoice data extraction software with Multi-user support.

What are the security features?
    KlearStack is fully compliant with features pertaining to :
  • Network Security
  • Database Security.
How do we get back our extracted data from KlearStack?
  • Using UI, you can export data into csv format/excel spreadsheet
  • Using API, you will get data in json format