What, How & Why:Day Zero Accuracy

Day Zero Accuracy is a one-of-its-kind, game-changing concept in the space of intelligent document processing and data extraction. KlearStack is the first and the only document intelligence solution to launch the concept of Day Zero Accuracy.

KlearStack uses intelligent OCR and machine learning for document processing wherein data from unstructured documents can be extracted with more than 90% accuracy on day zero itself in several cases. So, if an unstructured invoice or a receipt is uploaded for the first time on KlearStack AI (that means that particular document was completely unseen by KlearStack AI), it will extract data from almost all the fields accurately in the first attempt.

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What How Why: Day-Zero-Accuracy
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Understanding Key Concepts

Computer Vision
Computer vision helps to break down each document or image pixel by pixel and interpret data by keeping the context of the document.
Machine learning or deep learning are combined with Natural Language Processing to wholly interpret textual data in its original form.
Heuristics with machine learning and deep learning can make accurate educated guesses in no time to extract data from documents.

Learn about Benefits of Day Zero Accuracy with KlearStack AI

Achieve Faster Document Processing Time
Increase Focus on Your Core Business
Clear Payments on Time
Reduce Your Operational Costs
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