Document Extraction

Automated and enterprise-ready Document Extraction Solution

Leverage the power of proprietary AI, machine learning and deep learning technology to extract data accurately, at scale and 500x faster than manual data entry.

Any format. Any Source. Data Intelligence, Re-engineered.

Data Extraction from structured, semi structured, or unstructured documents.
Extract data from multiple sources. Emails, .pdfs, images and more
Export extracted data in various readable formats for enterprise automation

Quickly & Accurately Extract Data from any document type

With cognitive capabilities, KlearStack AI sees the scanned documents the same way the human mind reads. Capture, convert and analyse data from any jpg, png, tiff, bmp, or pdf documents.

Without Templates

Extract not just data, but intelligence from unstructured documents

Discover, consolidate, analyze and extract highest quality data to transform unstructured documents and complex data into meaningful information for enterprise business processes or decision support systems – automatically and at scale.

High Accuracy
Extract data from unstructured documents from any source with varied type, format or layouts. Get up to 99% accuracy with our AI driven OCR and IDP solution. Be it handwritten notes, emails, pdf document, invoices or receipts, or complex datasets capture data with blazing speed and superior accuracy.
Template-less Data Extraction
Extract data from any type of document irrespective of its structure, format, or layout without spending hours in defining or managing templates. Leverage KlearStack AI’s deep learning technology to extract data accurately from any unorganized, or unstructured document easily and at scale.
Save time and cost
Save your work-force from the drudgery and fatigue of entering or validating data manually – in turn save 1000s of hours of manual effort and cost. KlearStack AI’s OCR and IDP platform can discover, clean, standardize, classify and extract date from any source without human intervention and 500x faster.
Reduce Errors
KlearStack AI sees the document just like a human does, extracts data with up to 99% accuracy and eliminates cost of human errors. With human-in-loop verification of classification tags and business rules validation, KlearStack AI’s self-learning algorithm continuously improves accuracy.

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