Securely Digitize and
Automate Healthcare Document Processing

Fast, accurate, timely and secure access to medical records is the core necessity of healthcare industry. Leverage KlearStack AI’s intelligent OCR and IDP solutions for digitizing all medical process documents and automating critical document centric processes.

Apart from medical records, documents like invoices receipts, medical bills, bank statements for bill payments and so on, can be digitized as well.

Intelligent Document Processing in Healthcare Industry


Medical records, invoices, receipts are some of the many documents hospitals have to shuffle through on daily basis. This increases administration costs and does not help in saving time. KlearStack AI is the solution that your hospital needs as it not only automates the process of accurate data extraction, it also helps in archiving it securely on the cloud. Therefore, the entire process improves the entire efficiency of the institution and allows to focus on saving lives and helping recover patients.


Pharmaceutical companies have invoices and receipts to clear off with their retailers and distributors. These documents can stack up to a huge bunch at your desk and manually entering them is a highly painstaking task. KlearStack AI empowers pharma firms to automate such processes. Leveraging advanced OCR technology, data can be extracted accurately with minimal human intervention. This also reduces the human resource cost of the firm and help them reduce costs.

Research Laboratories

Medical reports are critical and highly sensitive data. Hospitals at times send samples to be tested at specialized labs. Apart from that, labs require various other equipment and chemicals to test samples for which purchase orders, invoices and receipts are drawn up. KlearStack AI can reduce the burden of paperwork by digitizing the documents. It can also securely store sensitive data on the cloud. This can be easily accessed by lab staff members only.


Clinics are neighbourhood companions for any non-serious injury or disease. This is the reason clinics have quite high footfall as well. Higher footfall means more invoices and receipts have to be issued against each customer. Clinics also have to manage accounts for payments of medical equipment and other such related items. KlearStack AI empowers your clinic to automate the entire process of digitization so the clinic can focus on taking care of the patients.

KlearStack AI Features

Empower business users to automate processes end-to-end.

Efficient, accurate and timely data extraction to get structured information that can feed into decision support systems of your critical business processes is the key to enterprise automation and your competitive edge.

Template-Free Data Extraction
Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Legal Documents and more. Extract Data. Catalog/ Sort. Save hundreds of person-days.
Transcend beyond OCR
Much More Advanced than an OCR Template. Intelligently extract the document fields during automated document processing.
Secure and reliable document handling
Complete data security, exclusivity and compliance. Regularize data capture and Quickly scale document processing operations.
Intelligent extraction of significant fields
KlearStack AI uses machine learning to easily identify the significant fields from the finance documents.
High Accuracy. Self-Learning AI.
95%+ Accuracy. Compare original to extracted. Input missing metadata. Self-learning algorithm.
Adaptive deep learning models
Even if the invoice layout changes, Machine Learning models handle the data extraction smoothly.