How to extract data from image

How to extract data from image

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2022)

How do you go about extract data from image? If you still retype the entire text by looking at the picture, we genuinely feel sorry for you. It is because, with so many images at hand and tonnes of content to be copied, typing is just not the right way to go about this process. But then what’s the way out?

Image-to-text converters offer the most practical solution to this problem. You can use a range of automated tools and software to get things done in a jiffy. Thus, let’s learn how to extract data from image in simple, quick, and effortless ways. Follow along!

Getting To Know the Technology

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a technology that enables us to extract data from an image, PDF file, scanned document, etc., and paste it into a document (like MS Word), where we can then edit it directly.

In simple terms, by using Optical Character Recognition, we get to convert the content of an image or even a handwritten document into digitized text. This machine-encoded text can then be copied, pasted, edited, etc. Thus, if you are struggling to learn how to extract data from image, OCR is the answer.

The biggest advantage of using OCR technology for extracting text is that it allows you to copy text even from pages or documents where the text selection feature is disabled. Moreover, you can directly capture the text from an image, webpage, document, etc., and store it in a specific file format, like a PDF file.


Extract data From Image Using Java

Extraction of image data can also be done using the Java Tesseract API. Simple steps need to be followed to learn how to extract data from image using java. Firstly, you need to add the API and download the CAPTCHA language extractor. You then have to add the code which will read the image text present in any random format. Once the code starts to run, you will automatically get the digitally converted text from the image, which can then be selected, copied, and pasted.


How To Extract Hidden Text From Image

OCR-based tools can also help you extract hidden information from an image. After OCR extraction, since the entire textual content of an image gets converted into plain digital text, it becomes easier to identify any hidden message, information, data, etc. Moreover, hidden text files that are combined with an image can also be opened using any regular extraction utility like WinRAR, PeaZip, etc.


How To Extract data From Image Using Tesseract Python

Python-tesseract or Pytesseract is a special OCR tool for Python. Here, the Tesseract package reads and extracts image text directly in Python. Three main steps are involved in this data extraction process.

Firstly, you have to upload a saved image from your computer, and then go ahead with the binarization of the image. Next, you have to pass it through the OCR system, where a python code will localize the text from the image, and extract the characters or features to provide you the digitized text.


How To Extract Text From A PDF Image

When it comes to extracting the text out of a PDF file or image, not many PDF readers are compatible with data selection and copying from a scanned PDF file. Similarly, non-linear data such as tables and graphs can also not be copied directly. High-quality OCR software can resolve the issue and allow you to extract even scanned text from a PDF file.

Text from PDF files of invoices, purchase orders, shipping orders, sales reports, etc., can be extracted using OCR software. In most cases, one simply needs to upload their PDF document, add some parsing rules for the extraction, and then directly export and save the digital text in another document or file.


AI-Backed Extraction Of Data From Images

Text conversion problems that existed in traditional methods of extraction from images have been more or less solved by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. Computer Vision for instance allows users to implement features like adding filters, contour detection, and image classification to identify characters more accurately.

Similarly, the inclusion of deep learning strategies for Optical Character Recognition has allowed us to work with and extract large amounts of unstructured data within seconds.


Extract data from Image: The KlearStack Way

KlearStack’s AI-based OCR software is regarded as the future of data extraction. Our OCR software not only scans and extracts data from image but also comprehends it to eventually provide relevant and error-free digital text.

Moreover, the biggest advantage of our OCR software is that it does not require your images and files to be in any format or template whatsoever. Thus, you enjoy seamless data extraction without worrying about errors.

Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Machine Learning algorithms allow KlearStack’s OCR software to extract information from images of application forms, license plates, etc. and help you verify and organize this data efficiently.

The software is capable of supporting large-scale automation of image data extraction, which can prove beneficial for banking, healthcare, retail, and many other sectors of the economy.