Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) with AI driven OCR - eBook

How to Implement and Leverage AI driven OCR and intelligent Document Processing for Faster and Better Process Management

Our guide on Optical Character Recognition introduces you to the image recognition technology, it’s advantages and the role of artificial intelligence in enabling template-free document scanning and conversion.

What Does Our Guide Offer?

  • Introduction to OCR Tech
  • How Does Optical Character Recognition Work?
  • Why Does OCR Seriously Fall Short of Meeting Business Goals?
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence
  • Advantages of Intelligent Document Processing for Businesses
  • How Can You Implement It?
  • How Does KlearStack Come Into Picture?
KlearStack - Invoice Automation - Our Solution

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    Introducing Template-Less Data Extraction with Intelligent OCR for Intelligent Document Processing.

    Optical Character Recognition is an image processing technology that helps convert paper documents and images into editable digital formats like docs and spreadsheets. Traditionally it needed the documents to be in a specific template to allow such conversion but artificial intelligence changed the game by allowing smart identification of characters and conversion into editable and organized format. Our guide explores the potential advantages of this enhanced tech for businesses.

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