Easily integrate with RPA Tools like UiPath and Automation Anywhere

KlearStack and RPA Integration

KlearStack can be easily integrated with popular RPA tools like UiPath and Automation Anywhere. KlearStack integration with UiPath is in form of an activity, whereas integration with Automation Anywhere is in the form of a DLL. These integrations enable UiPath and Automation Anywhere users to leverage the power of KlearStack’s technology inside automation to accurately extract and validate data from structured and unstructured documents and deliver the structure back to the process.

Steps to Integrate KlearStack with UiPath

  • Add KlearStackActivities.1.0.0.nupkg package to your local package folder.

    In community edition


    In enterprise version: C:\program files\uipath\packages

  • Open Uipath project
  • Go to Manage packages
  • Search for the KlearStackActivities Package in local path & Install it
  • Now you can find all activities under Mavenick node

Steps to integrate KlearStack with Automation Anywhere

Import AA_AccountPayableAPI.dll in your Automation Anywhere project or you can use it as MetaBot

Reach out to us for any help regarding KlearStack integration with RPA tools at hello@klearstack.com

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