Purchase Order Automation

The unstructured data extraction in KlearStack AI is achieved through deep learning, OCR (Optical Character Reader) and NLR (Natural Language Representation) methods, converting them from unstructured to structured data, to increase productivity by 200%.

The customers have an option to also leverage KlearStack RPA components, that further utilize this newly structured data extracted from the documents, to automatically fill customer forms, ERP screens and to reconcile invoices.

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KlearStack - Invoice Automation - Industry Problem

Industry Challenge

While purchase orders provide greater visibility and control, they also create new work for AP departments. In many organizations, AP departments manually match and reconcile the presented invoice against the cited purchase order. This results in a task that is laborious, expensive, and error prone.

Our Solution : Purchase Order Automation

Achieve total Purchase Order Automation with KlearStack! Remove manual entry permanently with KlearStack . KlearStack’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’ automates the capture of your free-form Purchase Orders, so that your PO are processed faster, with fewer exceptions and at lower costs. Extract data using AI, our own Machine learning models.

KlearStack - Invoice Automation - Our Solution

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