Purchase Order Automation

Purchase Order Automation

Achieve total Purchase Order Automation with KlearStack! Remove manual data entry operations permanently with KlearStack’s AI driven OCR and IDP solutions. Automate capture of your free-form Purchase Orders, so that your PO are processed faster, with fewer exceptions and at lower costs.


Increased Productivity


Reduced Set-up Costs


Reduced Cash Outflow


Reduced Turnaround Time

Achieve Total Purchase Order Automation

Easy | Effective | Error Free

Employ knowledge engineering and OCR tech to cut costs
Employ knowledge engineering and OCR tech to cut costs
Go Template-less and Regex free
A model that learns on its own

Optimize your Purchase Order processing with KlearStack AI

Improve Accuracy

Eliminate duplicate orders

Eliminate duplicate data processing and cost of manual errors using KlearStack AI’s extraction and interpretation engine driven by deep learning and NLP. Improve document accuracy and availability to downstream processes like CRM and Accounting systems.

Verify and Reconcile

Verify Sales Invoices

Automate Purchase Order data entry makes it easier to verify and reconcile sales invoices against Purchase Order data for error free fulfilment and customer information. Easily keep track of all orders along with prices and quantity information.

Searchable & automation-ready

Complete control and visibility

KlearStack aids in accurately capturing your free-form purchase orders and converting them into editable machine-encoded structured text, making it fully searchable and automation-ready without effort.

Automate Workflows

Optimize & analyze Sales Operations

Integrate KlearStack with ERP or other accounting systems to automate workflows or just download the approved purchase orders into required format. Easily manage, analyze and seamlessly optimize sales operations.

How does Purchase Order Automation work?

Receive Purchase Orders from your customers in any format – email, PDFs, or scanned images.
Process Purchase Orders using deep learning, proprietary computer vision, NLP and rich correlation algorithms
KlearStack AI interprets the data inside the PO. This interpretation works irrespective of the PO layout or format.
KlearStack AI automatically detects key attributes and applies intelligent classification on the documents
The AI’s pre-trained model interprets and extracts key fields and extracts relevant data from Purchase Orders like PO Number, Customer Name, address, Tax ID, Date, etc.
The extracted text is automatically sent to the relative team member for a “good-to-go” check.
Once approved, this structured data can be consumed by ERP or accounting software and other downstream processes
With human-in-loop business rules validation improve accuracy of your AI models and over time improve Straight-through-processing
Straight-Through Processing
Improve accuracy and Straight-Through Processing with self-learning AI. Automate extraction, processing and streamline data sharing across multiple systems.
Seamless Integrations
Open RESTful APIs for seamless integrations with any accounting, ERP or RPA systems. Out-of-the-box integrations with SAP, QuickBooks, and more.
Data Security
Role based security control. Encryption for data at rest. Physical and logical separation of data. Regular penetration testing. On-Premise Option.
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