Purchase Order OCR

Take control of your purchase order process with KlearStack’s AI driven Purchase order OCR. Automate data capture from purchase orders, better accuracy, eliminate duplicate orders, verify and reconcile sales invoices, manage expenses, complete visibility and control.

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Purchase Order OCR - Improving Purchase Order Processing

Challenges of Extracting Data From Purchase Order

Different formats and layouts
Different formats and layouts
Different formats and layouts from different vendors pose a problem for automation.
Variation in data fields
Variation in data fields
Variation in data fields of Purchase Orders from various vendors leads to the need for constant customization.
High volumes of Purchase Orders
High volumes of Purchase Orders
High volumes of Purchase Orders require significant computing resources and processing time, especially if the automation solution is not optimized for scalability.
Incomplete or missing data fields
Incomplete or missing data fields
Incomplete or missing data fields can result in inaccurate extraction of data from the Purchase Order.

KlearStack AI-driven Purchase Order OCR

Experience Seamless Purchase Order Data Extraction with KlearStack

Purchase order data capture

Searchable & Automation Ready

With KlearStack’s purchase order OCR, you can easily and accurately capture your free-form purchase orders and convert them into editable, machine-encoded structured text. This makes your orders fully searchable and automation-ready without any extra effort on your part. This means you can save time and focus on other important aspects of your business while KlearStack streamlines your purchase order process for you.

Searchable and Automation Ready
3-Way Match
3-Way Match

Ensuring Accuracy: Verification & Reconciliation

With automated Purchase Order OCR, you can easily verify and reconcile sales invoices against Purchase Order data, ensuring error-free fulfillments and accurate customer information. You can also effortlessly keep track of all your orders, including prices and quantity information, making it much easier for you to manage your business operations.

End-to-end purchase order processing

Straight Through Processing

KlearStack’s AI-driven model automates data extraction, processing, and sharing across multiple platforms, producing error-free results without human intervention, resulting in faster and more cost-effective financial transactions.

99% Accuracy

Day Zero Accuracy

KlearStack’s efficient algorithms provide Day Zero Accuracy by using the NLP framework, computer vision, and heuristics to extract documents with utmost accuracy, enabling businesses to quickly scan and digitize new documents without the need to retrain AI models repeatedly.

Out of the box integrations

Seamless Integrations

KlearStack seamlessly integrates with various platforms such as RPA, Quickbook, SAP, Tally, Salesforce, Gmail, and other APIs, enabling users to leverage KlearStack’s technology with ease.

Seamless Integration

Why Choose KlearStack's Purchase Order OCR?

200% Increased
KlearStack offers 200% increased productivity while processing Purchase Orders.
60% Reduced Cash
KlearStack ensures a 60% reduced cash outflow.
80% Costs Reduced
Set-up costs are 80% percent reduced when using KlearStack’s efficient software.
5x Reduced TAT
KlearStack’s algorithms provide a 5x reduced turnaround time.

How does KlearStack's Purchase Order OCR Work?

Purchase order Automation using KlearStack

5 Reasons Why Businesses Rely on KlearStack for Purchase Order OCR

Continuous Improvement with User Behavior Mapping
Self-learning Technology

Continuous Improvement with User Behavior Mapping

With KlearStack, training and retraining is made easy. Our software has the ability to learn from minimal data and adapt to your needs over time. It also tracks user behavior and continuously modifies its algorithms to improve performance. This ensures that you are always getting the most accurate and efficient invoice processing experience possible.

Streamlined payments

99% Accurate Processing for On-Time Payments

With KlearStack’s Cognitive Document Processing technology, you can enjoy the benefits of timely payments and a hassle-free payment process. KlearStack is designed to read data like a human, ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency. With a success rate of 99%, our software can process invoices faster, allowing you to make payments to your vendors on time and take advantage of various discounts. Say goodbye to missed payments and hello to a streamlined payment process with KlearStack.

99% Accurate Processing for On-Time Payments
Eliminate Duplicate Purchase Order

Eliminate Duplicate Orders

When it comes to processing duplicate Purchase Order and making payments, the risks of complications and financial losses are high. However, with KlearStack’s software, you can easily mitigate this risk by identifying duplicates by cross-checking against other relevant documents, such as delivery receipts. By doing so, you can save time and resources and prevent any unnecessary monetary losses.

End-to-end AP Process

Streamline Your Accounts Payable Workflow with KlearStack

KlearStack’s algorithms take an impression-centric approach to learn about your most used features and tailor themselves to your needs, boosting efficiency by a significant margin. With our software, you can rest easy knowing that your Accounts Payable department is in good hands.

Streamline Your Accounts Payable Workflow with KlearStack
Data Security
Data Privacy and Security

Data Security

At KlearStack, we understand that your data privacy and security are of utmost importance. We have implemented industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure that all data transmitted between KlearStack and your systems remain secure. Our software also complies with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to ensure that your data is safely stored in our data centers. Moreover, we restrict access to your data to only the essential personnel required to provide support and maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

KlearStack offers multiple channels to capture Purchase Orders, including email, PDFs, scanned images, and more. Once captured KlearStack’s AI-powered software processes the Purchase Orders using advanced technologies like deep learning, proprietary computer vision, NLP, and rich correlation algorithms.

Yes, KlearStack’s AI is designed to interpret the data within your Purchase Order regardless of its layout or format. With its pre-trained model, KlearStack’s AI can interpret and extract essential data from your Purchase Orders, including PO Number, Customer Name, Address, Tax ID, Date, and more.

KlearStack automatically detects key attributes and applies intelligent classification to your documents, streamlining your Purchase Order process. Once the text is extracted, it is automatically sent to the relevant team member for a “good-to-go” check, ensuring accuracy and reliability. By incorporating human-in-loop business rules validation, you can further improve the accuracy of the AI model and, over time, enhance your straight-through processing capabilities.

KlearStack can integrate with your existing ERP or accounting software through various methods, such as APIs or webhooks. Once the Purchase Order data is extracted and validated, KlearStack can automatically send the structured data to your ERP or accounting software, simplifying your workflow.

KlearStack’s AI-powered software can identify and flag exceptions or errors in the Purchase Order data. These exceptions or errors are automatically routed to the relevant team member for review and resolution. With KlearStack’s intelligent exception handling, you can streamline your Purchase Order process and reduce the chances of errors or delays.

Automate Your Purchase Order Process with KlearStack

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