Receipt Capture Automation

Automate your enterprise data capture from receipts with KlearStack’s AI driven Receipt Data Capture OCR and IDP solution powered by proprietary machine learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms. Securely scan and extract receipt data be it images, hand-written receipts, PDFs or printed receipts with 99%+ accuracy and 10x faster.

Reduce Costs
Reduce over 70% operations costs of processing receipts using Receipt OCR AI
Eliminate Errors
Prevent errors due to human oversight with cognitive receipt data extraction OCR
Improve Speed
Process thousands of receipts in minutes and accelerate accounting workflows
Prevent Frauds
Detect anomalies, flag errors, duplicates and fraudulent receipt data automatically

AI-Enabled Receipt OCR software with self-learning algorithms

AI not only scans and converts the receipt data into digitally usable forms but also interprets it to feed error free contextual data and insights to downstream processes.

Adaptive machine learning algorithms rule out the need for templates to convert receipt data into a structured digital format. Transcend beyond OCR or template-based receipt scanners.

Replace age-old manual data entry and interpretation with 5x faster AI capabilities. Automate retrieval and approval workflows
Extract important fields like date, time, vendor name, tax, totals etc. from receipts without defining any templates. Train AI for new fields in minutes
Automatic document classification engine easily interprets varied receipts food, fuel, expense receipts etc.
Inbuilt OCR engine that interprets and extracts data from scanned images and converts it into structured format
Automate end-to-end workflows through seamless integration with ERP and accounting systems like SAP, QuickBooks, etc.
Store or upload documents using KlearStack API or directly through KlearStack’s browser based UI
Zero setup costs for Receipt Capture AI. Reduce turnaround time by 5X. Improve productivity of AP teams by over 400%

Payment Generation and Collection with AI

Manually recording, processing, and uploading data related to financial transactions is highly cumbersome. Moreover, innumerable receipts are generated for all such transactions, and handling this huge pile of data manually is erroneous. With KlearStack AI’s receipt data extraction software, process thousands of documents with 99% accuracy in minutes.


Production and Distribution Chains

Inventory management, service deliveries, demand, and supply scenarios, etc. has to be streamlined to make the supply chain work smoothly. Receipts and invoices store crucial supply chain information. With automated extraction and intelligent processing of this data, improve supply chain efficiency.


Employee Reimbursements & Claims

Automate data extraction and processing from employee reimbursement receipts and claims through AI driven OCR and eliminate errors or delays in processing receipts. Automatic document classification engine easily interprets varied receipts food, fuel, expense receipts etc.


Improve Compliance and taxation

Managing volumes of employee expense and business expense receipts which are mostly free-form unstructured documents is a major challenge for accounting departments. Automate your complete expense management and regulatory compliance from receipt data extraction to feeding error-free data to downstream processes with KlearStack AI.

Straight-Through Processing
Improve accuracy and Straight-Through Processing with self-learning AI. Automate extraction, processing and streamline data sharing across multiple systems.
Seamless Integrations
Open RESTful APIs for seamless integrations with any accounting, ERP or RPA systems. Out-of-the-box integrations with SAP, QuickBooks, and more.
Data Security
Role based security control. Encryption for data at rest. Physical and logical separation of data. Regular penetration testing. On-Premise Option.