Automate Data Extraction Interpretation Processing
from Unstructured Documents

Say good bye to manual data entry and document processing. Classify, categorize, extract relevant information and validate extracted data. Exponentially improve accuracy and Straight-Through-Processing (STP) with KlearStack AI’s self-learning algorithm.

Template-free data extraction
Upload Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Legal Documents and more. Extract Data. Catalog/ Sort.
High accuracy and self-learning capabilities
More than 99% Accuracy. Compare original to extracted. Input missing metadata. Self-learning algorithm.
Seamless integrations
Open RESTful APIs . Easy integration with any systems. Out-of-the-box integrations with SAP, QuickBooks, and more.
Security and Compliance
Complete data security, exclusivity and compliance.
Say “No” to Templates. Easy Setup. Cancel Anytime.

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Intelligent data extraction WITHOUT creating templates for each document layout. Automate end-to-end processes and run decision analytics directly on top of the documents.


Increased Productivity


Reduced Set-up Costs


Reduced Cash Outflow


Reduced Turnaround Time

Quickly & Accurately Extract Data

With cognitive capabilities, KlearStack AI sees the scanned documents the same way the human mind reads. Capture, convert and analyse data from any jpg, png, tiff, bmp, pdf document without templates

Automatically upload documents
Use any mobile scanning software, email documents, upload using APIs, manual upload using our browser Interface.
KlearStack classification engine
Classify document types like Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bill of Lading, Performa Invoices, Credit Notes, ID Cards, etc.
Extraction of significant fields
KlearStack AI uses machine learning to easily identify the significant fields from the finance documents.
Straight through processing
Using our three layered data validation technology confidently automate straight through processing.
Adaptive deep learning models
Even if the invoice layout changes, Machine Learning models handle the data extraction smoothly.
Template independent extraction
It is template-less extraction! Save hundreds of person-days that are spent in custom template designing.