Straight-Through Processing

Automate and ImproveStraight-Through Processing for AR/ AP processes

KlearStack’s AI driven OCR and IDP solutions improve straight-through processing so that businesses can speed up financial transaction processing by automating data extraction, data processing and streamlining data sharing across multiple systems.

Improve accuracy and speed of transactions, reduce cost of human errors, and redundant menial tasks to collect and reconcile payments.

Benefits of Straight-Through Processing (STP)

Zero Human Intervention
STP is a 100% automated process for digitizing, capturing data from and archiving documents. There is no requirement for any manual intervention throughout the process
Operational Efficiency
STP enables complete automation. As the data is automatically validated and stored on the cloud or on-prem, any department of the organization can access the data easily.
Improving Accuracy
Manual data entry leads to various errors while entering the data. STP, along with advanced OCR and IDP technology, ensures that the entire document automation process is error-free.
Faster Processing Time
STP can speed up the document processing time and make sure the data is extracted accurately. As documents are processed more quickly, more documents can be processed in lesser time.
Cost Reduction
With STP, more than a thousand documents can be automatically processed at a minimal cost. STP provides end-to-end automated document processing and there is no additional or recurring cost associated with it.
Reputation Management
STP helps to build a reputation for your organization as it will provide you with the advantage to automate your invoices payment processes. This means that payments will be made on time without any errors.
STP with KlearStack AI

Realize economies of scale, and improved cash flow efficiencies with KlearStack AI

Straight-Through Processing (STP) with KlearStack AI creates a completely automated process for financial transactions eliminating human intervention, errors, or cost of manual processes.
Without STP businesses must go through multiple touch points to process a transaction or to process data from free-form unstructured documents all the way up to their ERP, or accounting systems.
With STP driven by Intelligent OCR and IDP solutions, all transactions can be processed 500x faster and error free, without the need for manual intervention at any stage during the entire process.
Reduce transaction processing time and shorten payment cycles
Eliminate manual data entry and processing errors
Improve data reliability, availability and accuracy
Improve visibility of transactions and cash flow
Improve AR/ AP staff efficiency and productivity

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