Seamlessly Integrate KlearStack AI with QuickBooks.

Achieve complete Invoice automation, Straight-Through processing, and Speed-up your Accounting operations.

Quick Book DesktopQuickBooks Online
Simplify Accounting and Book-keeping
Eliminate manual processes for accountants, bookkeepers, and small businesses
Eliminate manual data entry & processing
Extract and process any invoices, bills, expenses, or receipts in minutes
Minimise risk & eliminate manual errors
KlearStack AI’s cognitive engine continuously learns. Extract data with 98% accuracy*
Achieve Straight-through-processing
Human efforts required for only single click validation. AP, PO, Invoices & more
Complete Document Processing
Emails, scanned invoices, bulk invoices, extraction of data from PDF files / Images
Completely template-less Extraction
Save hundreds of person-days that are spent in custom template designing

How to integrate QuickBooks Online with KlearStack?

KlearStack integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and extracts the required data from your scanned documents before posting it into your QuickBooks account. Integrating this add-on is simple and won’t affect your QuickBooks Online account! Experience simplified Accounting and Book-keeping.

Speed-up your Accounting operations

Connect KlearStack & QuickBooks Online

Linking your QuickBooks account with KlearStack takes less time than making a cup of tea. Upload photos or PDFs of invoices or receipts from your device using KlearStack app.

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Automate extraction and processing of invoices, bills, expenses, and receipts and input them directly into QuickBooks.

Integration Manager

KlearStack and QuickBooks Desktop

Step-by-step guide to integrate, configure and use KlearStack AI with QuickBooks Desktop (QBD)

Pre – Requisites

  • .NET framework 4.6.
  • Windows Installer 3.1.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise/ Pro/ Premier edition server installed on the machine or the

QuickBooks Workstation should be installed on the machine where Integration Manager is being installed. The QuickBooks Workstation should have read & write access to QuickBooks company file over the network.

Under configuration, click the “API Configuration tab”

Enter the KlearStack account details and click the “Save” button.

In case of multiple QB company scenario, you can map the QB companies with the corresponding KlearStack account using the mapping screen.

This path is used to save the Vendor Master and Chart Of Accounts files exported from the Integration Manager “Export” tab. Configure a path where you want to save these files.

  • Click the ‘Export’ menu and choose the entity you wish to export – Accounts or Vendors.
  • The selected entity list will be exported to the folder path chosen under Configuration..Path configuration tab.
  • To import a Vendor Bill transaction from KlearStack into QuickBooks file, navigate to ‘Import Bill’ menu.
  • Choose the Sync Type – either manual or automatic mode of sync
  • To enable automatic sync, the scheduler settings should be configured, to schedule the process to run automatically on a specific day / time etc.,
  • Choose the Sync period from which you would like to bring in the transaction from KlearStack into QB.
  • Click the Sync button to fetch data from KlearStack and post as ‘Bill’ transactions to the QB file.
  • The details of the transaction posted will be available in the Log window.
  • Click the Log menu
  • Processed Events are displayed in the Application Log.
  • Any exceptions or errors will be posted to the Error log window.
  • The Log entries can be cleared with the help of Clear button provided at the right top of the Log screen.
  • You can uninstall the application from your computer if you no longer use it or if you want to free up space on your hard disk.
  • You can use Programs and Features in the Control Panel to uninstall the application.
  • Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
  • Select the name “KlearStack QBD Integration Manager” in the provided list, and then click Uninstall Application will get uninstalled from the computer within few seconds.